HWAD - Stands for Hard Work And Dedication.

In 2010 it all started with a quote - “Hard work and dedication lead to success”.

I am Rob Adams,

When I was younger, I didn’t really have many influential or successful figures in my life. In my early college years I sought motivation; I gravitated toward successful people in music, sports, design, and business. I analyzed them to reveal what it was going to take for me to reach success.  I concluded that all of these people had these two key attributes in common. They worked really, really hard and stayed dedicated to their dreams. Even in the face of failure they remained tenacious. Shortly thereafter, I developed the quote “Hard work and dedication lead to success.” In my mind, the only way to achieve my definition of success was to stay true to this quote.  So, I did, and to this day I still believe in these words more than ever before. 

Do you ever wonder why only some people are successful? Some people seem to defy gravity or perform outside the laws of nature? It's as if they have some sort of advantage or were on the right side of luck. As I grew, I quickly learned luck had nothing to do with it. It's because they worked really hard and never gave up. They rose above other people's opinions and expectations. They do not let fear control them. They hold themselves to the highest standard. They are accountable to their goals and are persistent.  It takes a visionary to truly aspire to your dreams. It takes courage to keep pushing past your failures. Extraordinary people know what it takes to become great, because they live these words every single day. Hard work and dedication are what it takes to become successful.

HWAD is for people who don’t just talk about achieving success, they execute their plan, over and over again. HWAD is for the early mornings, the late nights, the double shifts and overtime wins. It's for the people who don’t make excuses. It’s for people who know that success is not linear and are willing to overcome a path of adversities. Successful people dedicate themselves to the end goal. They rise to the occasion when others would fail. Whether you are working on getting fit, gaining a promotion at work, completing a college degree, or scoring a touchdown, HWAD is the mindset. HWAD is choosing not to settle for mediocrity. It’s a belief system that not everyone can possess. If you are not actively working toward your goals or planning to make a change,  HWAD Clothing is not for you.

#I AM HWAD …. Are you?

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